Decentralized Credentials

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The Problem

In a world where you can learn anything online, credentials are still attached to institutions.

It is a waste of time and waste of money to complete an online course or go to university to get a credential demonstrating what you already know

The Solution

A decentralized protocol that enables anyone to earn a non transferrable token (NTT) for demonstrating skill in a domain.

Credentials can be founded by anyone and are maintained organically by a community of members that already hold the NTT



The community of NTT holders dynamically updates the question bank, tests can be taken at any time and continuously


The question bank is only updated when it needs to be and the community are not contracted but rewarded for individual contributions

Dynamic Market

Anyone can create a credential and is rewarded for creating a highly demanded credential


The Network State

Join a community of technologists, writers, and innovators in building the first decentralized Network State